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Photo op hold. yes, I use/train for the "hand-switch" method. I keep the reloads in a right pocket, and use the right hand to fish out the bullets and load from.

I've thought about hand-chamfering the star, which has some very sharp edges on it, but in doing so, I am bound to get some grit into the retractable tabs, and I have no clue how to get that grit out except with a $$$ ultrasonic cleaner, which I don't have.

Yep, front of cylinder is beveled, smooth.

Only thing I've done so far is put nail polish on the front sight blade and into the rear notch to give a better sight picture on flat-color targets.

Are you holding/manipulating the gun with your right hand for photography reasons, or is that how you do it for real?

As a left-hander, I end up doing it in what I've been told is the right-hander's method: two fingers of the left hand through the frame and on the cylinder, with the thumb also on the cylinder. This allows an unobstructed smack of the rod with my right palm. Fallback would be to push the rod with the left thumb, but that is far from optimum with the short stroke rod. Smacking it with the right hand also ensures the empties are pointing at the ground, which is not a given if using the same hand thumb/finger.

Looks like the Pit Bull still could stand to have the chambers chamfered. Including the plungers, probably. Nice to see they have beveled the rear of the cylinder, as that really chews up holsters when sharp. Did they do the front, also?

Been thinkin' the same way.
All LEO's here carry .40 Glocks.
SHTF, should be some ammo layin' around.

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