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Bravo George! I respect, and support you, and all our hero's with every once of my being... I just wrote my own letter to The Gresham Outlook. I didn't mince words, so I don't know if they'll print it...I will be at the School Board meeting to Stand Up and Speak Up, for the honor, respect,dignity, and gratitude for all our Precious Warriors! My letter follows:
I was appalled to read about the young man, attending Dexter McCarty Middle School, that was sent home for wearing a Tee-shirt, depicting a Battlefield Cross, with the words "Standing For Those Who Stood For Us." In my opinion, your foolish reprisal was Pure, UN-Constitutional Hogwash! Just who do you school officials think you are? For you to rape this symbol, and deem it a "violent gun image," so as to fit your agenda, is asinine, reprehensible, heart-breaking, and beyond comprehension. It negates the Ultimate Sacrifice, of our fallen hero's, disrespects all our brave warriors, and shows a total lack of empathy for their loved ones. To punish this student, and discourage his Patriotism, is Disgraceful, Un-American, and violates his first Amendment rights. If he were my son, I'd be darn proud of him. Lucky for you, the minute men didn't get "sent home," when they dared to raise their muskets! Shame on you! A prompt and sincere apology is in order, to the Student, our Veterans, Active Military, and We The People!

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